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Inside Thailands first caviar farm After six years of planning and problem solving, Alexey Tyutin donned sterilized gear and stepped into a chilly pond, plunging into the latest role of his varied career: fish milker. As he gently massaged the slick belly of a sturgeon,
Caviar in Thailand? Thanks to technology and a local fish farm, it’s not as rare as you might think Caviar is breaking into Thailand’s fine-dining scene thanks to an innovative farm outside Bangkok and technology that creates a more ethical, affordable product Traditionally caviar producers
Black Caviar, made in Thailand Five years ago, Thai businessman Noppadon Khamsai and his Russian partner Alexey Tyutin saw an opportunity in Asia’s growing demand for caviar. The duo decided to build a sturgeon-breeding farm in Hua-Hin, with a capacity of 1,5 tons of black
Caviar from Hua Hin: The local sturgeon farm producing famous exotic delicacy Caviar, the exotic delicacy known as ‘black gold’ due its exorbitant price tag, is being produced in Hua Hin. The farm, which is the first in Thailand, was set up by Alexey Tuytin
Description of the project and company The building of the breeding and processing fish farm is intended in Hua Hin (Thailand). There is a plot of 10,4 thousands square meters in ownership with communications, and a road, a river and sewerage are located nearby. The
Hua Hin home-grown caviar soon to become a reality Considered by many to be a delicacy found only in top hotels and on the most elite dinner tables. Caviar will soon be much more widely available thanks to Thai-Russian firm, Caviar House, operators of the
B2B sales: to restaurants, cruise ships, hotel chains The caviar is going to be offered to the luxury restaurants, restaurants by the hotel chains, cruise ships restaurants in the bigger glass jars (500 grams, 1 kg). As well as in the existing reusable containers with