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Hua Hin home-grown caviar soon to become a reality

Considered by many to be a delicacy found only in top hotels and on the most elite dinner tables. Caviar will soon be much more widely available thanks to Thai-Russian firm, Caviar House, operators of the Hua Hin sturgeon farm which has raised the sturgeon which produce the coveted roe are starting to pay off.

The Thai Sturgeon Farm, which was set up in Hua Hin back in 2014 to raise sturgeon fish both for their eggs and meat, has launched its winter simulation room and the first group of females with caviar has been moved there.  They are now getting ready for the first harvest that will take place in the very end of February next year.  

The fish weigh around 22 – 23 kgs are with precious caviar and although they are now 4.5 years old, they are still babies for this long-living species.

“It takes a long time to get caviar, especially good quality caviar,” says the Bangkok-based Russian co-founder of Caviar House, Alexey Tyutin.

“It takes about two years to determine the sex of the fish.  The male will be grown for meat, which is very delicious and rare, while the females are kept for caviar. As they breed naturally in a cold climate, much care is needed to maintain the right environment, feeding content and conditions so the fish grow up to be strong and healthy and we can harvest the eggs.”

Sturgeons at the Hua Hin farm are at between 22 to 25 Celsius degrees to slow down their puberty and prevent them from growing too fast and accumulating too much fat.  No hormones or chemicals are involved in the farming.


“We want to showcase the freshness and the true tastes of caviar.” Tyutin explains.  “Most brands use more salt so the caviar will keep for longer, probably a year in a fridge, but ours will keep only six months. Caviar has lots of health benefits. It can stop cancer at the very early stage, boosts the immune system and is excellent for the skin. So why spoil it with too much salt?”

The majority of the caviar about to be produced at the Hua Hin sturgeon farm is destined for the Bangkok market however local restaurants are also lining up so they can add this exotic seafood product to the already extensive range of locally sourced dining options. 


Several have already acquired the male fish from the farm to present as delicious whole fish option.  However with local caviar production to soon become a reality, Hua Hin’s reputation for offering the best seafood in the nation seems to be assured.

Source: Hua Hin home-grown caviar.