Trip to China for equipment supply

In December 2014 we had a trip to China. We visited 2 factories that produce equipment for fish culture and fish farm that specializes in the cultivation of sturgeon caviar.We met with the heads of the fish farm, who kindly showed us their cultivation technology of sturgeon caviar and the process of its gathering.
We were looking for factory that manufacture mechanical drum filters, ozone and oxygen generators, cone oxygenators, biofilter, etc. After completion of construction of the building we will begin installation of equipment.

China 1_Cones for oxygenation

Cones for oxygenation

China 2_Protein Skimmers in China factory

Protein Skimmers in China factory

China 3_Protein Skimmer

Protein Skimmer

China 4_Cones


China 5_China factory

China factory

China 6_Mechanical drum filter

Mechanical drum filter

China 7_Mechanical drum filters and cones for oxygenation

Mechanical drum filters and cones for oxygenation


China 9_Fish farm in China
Fish farm in China