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sturgeon 1(about us)

Thai Sturgeon Farm Co., Ltd (hereinafter “TSF”) was set up on November 6, 2554 with a capital of 6.0 million Thai Baht; registration No. 0775554002068.

TSF owns a land plot NS3 title deed No. 1355 land No.57 located in Hua Hin, Prachua Khiri Kham province.

The aim of the project is to farm in closed recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii) with the purpose of producing meat, caviar and value-added products for national and international markets; with a maximum production capacity of 1,500 kg of black caviar per year.

Closed recirculation aquaculture systems farm consists of foldable fish tanks, mechanical drum filters, perfused bio-filter, oxygen generator, oxygenators, ozone generators, chamber of ozonation, adder pools and a pump system.

Building size ≈ 1,467 m2 (32.6 m x 45.0 m)
Maximum ceiling height ≈ 3.5 m
Total surface of the fish tanks ≈ 537.4 m2
Electricity usage Peak ≈ 62 KVt
Average ≈ 39.7 KVt per hour
annually ≈ 347,700 KVt
Water usage Maximum ≈ 6.2 m3  per hour
daily ≈ 65.6 m3
annually ≈ 18,900 m3
Fish food usage Daily maximum: ≈ 196.8 kg
annually ≈ 63,000 kg
Average food conversion 1.4
Number of whitebaits, 10 g Per year 25,000
Stocking density of fish maximum 70 kg/m2
Maximum live fish weight ≈ 29,000 kg
Average live fish weight ≈ 15,000 kg

The farm needs the following supply:

  • Fresh water 10 m3  per hour;
  • Electricity 380V with approximately average usage 40 KVt per hour;
  • Sewage system, Ømin = 200 mm.

Using closed recirculation aquaculture systems allows the farm to decrease electricity usage, its actual space and fresh water supply.

sturgeon 2(about us)

Certificate of registration of Thai Sturgeon Farm Co., Ltd.

sturgeon 3(about us)

Land title deed NS3 No. 1355 land No.57 where the farm will be located